Everything You Need For a Newborn Baby

The go to list of everything you need for a newborn baby. For ease, the list is split into sections including sleep, changing and care, pushchair and travel, play, clothes, feeding and other. What you need for your new arrival does not have to be overwhelming!

All items are linked to suggested products that I found useful. The list, created when I was pregnant, came from hours of my own research alongside recommendations from friends and family. I have then added in some extra items that I found useful once the baby had arrived. I hope for this list to bring some simplicity and ease to your preparation and perhaps it will include an item that had slipped your mind.

The three sections of ‘feeding’ include breast, expressing and bottle feeding. I have done all three types of feeding in my five months as a mother, and have transitioned from one type of feed to another, therefore these recommendations come from my own experience.

Feeding (Expressing)

All points included in ‘Breast Only Feeding’ plus the below;

And finally, get the coffee stocked!

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