The Best Coffee Shops In York, North Yorkshire

I love a good coffee, and after living in York for three years, I declare myself a qualified coffee shop tester, so I thought I would share my favourites with you. When you do enjoy a good coffee, it’s so disappointing to get served instant or badly made coffee, so if this saves you the trial and error in York, then that’s my good deed of the day. 

I am (most of the time) a ‘do you have any alternative milks?’ kind of person, however I will only have coconut milk (my favourite) if there’s no coconut milk, I’m fine with standard milk, there’s no intolerance, only preference, but this may slightly sway my opinion on my favourite coffee shops!

I always try not to use a Starbucks, Costa etc if I can help it, as you can’t beat an independent coffee shop. In no particular order, all tried and tested, here are some fabulous coffee shops in York;

200 Degrees

Location: Low Petergate, York
This one is fairly new to York, its industrial and cosy at the same time. In the two chains I’ve been in, there is a neon fire light replacing where a fire would be, so I can only assume this theme runs throughout sll chains, very hip and ‘instagramable’ (why does saying that make me feel old? I’m not on TikTok yet!) Best of all, it serves coconut milk, along with plenty of other alternatives. On more than one occasion, so guaranteed not to be a fluke, I have had a very well made, gorgeously poured latte. You have to order at the counter, which loses one star in my books, I may be harsh but it’s a pain in the but when you have a baby that is wining and wants to be fed and if on your own you’ve to order at the counter and get yourself a high chair, first world problems but problems all the same.

*There is also a 200 Degree coffee shop on the outskirts of York at the designer outlet.

Spring Espresso

Location: Fossgate, York & Lendal, York
I have tried and tested both Spring Espresso shops in York, and both do an excellent latte. From my recent experience, only Lendal had coconut milk, however other alternatives are available, I just don’t think coconut is a particularly popular choice, so fair enough I suppose. Bonus tip, the caramel shortbread here is really something, something my friend cannot walk past without purchasing. There isn’t a huge selection of treats, but what they do have is excellent.

Brew and Brownie

Location: Museum St, York
There is always a queue outside the Brew and Brownie on a weekend morning, which is a good sign, and a true reflection of how bloody gorgeous it is in there. So first up, no coconut milk unfortunately (loses half a star on my personal rating), however they do have other alternatives. The coffee is good, and the large selection of cakes and treats is spectacular, there is something for everyone. The inside is small with quite a few tables, but it adds to the atmosphere, just maybe not easily accessible with a pushchair but I’m pretty sure they would be accommodating if needed, so this isn’t a reason to be put off. There are two separate Brew and Brownie shops on Museum St in York, one is a café and one is a small coffee shop with not a lot of seating that is specifically for coffee and cakes and the other has more seating and brunch and lunch options (still all the same treats though!). The vibe is simple, to set the scene…. coffee menu on the wall, cakes on display, wooden flooring, panelling, art deco prints and hanging lighting. Whilst queuing at either of the shops you can get a fantastic view looking up at the York minister at the end of the road, an added bonus. 

Little Blondie Bakehouse

Location: Walmgate, York
The Little Blondie Bakehouse is fairly new to York, a takeaway only coffee shop close to the centre, the coffee is delicious, but the huge selection of gorgeous tray bakes and cakes are what really hits you when you first walk through the door! Follow them on Instagram for all their current bakes! Although there is no seating, there are plenty of areas to enjoy your coffee and cakes nearby, If not doing so on the move. The shop is bubblegum pink and covered in sprinkles, you can’t miss it! 


Location: Skeldergate Bridge, York
You cannot beat this location for a coffee, Dylls is has a Rapunzel style tower building by the river side with seating at the top of the tower or an outside area by the river Ouse. The coffee is brilliant, and their brunch options are the best (lovely treats also available). Its table service, which is always a bonus, there is sometimes a queue to get one of the outside seats, so be prepared for a small wait, but a wait worthwhile! 


Location: Nessgate, York
Drift-In is a coffee shop within the Fat Face store, it has a relaxed surf shack vibe (I suppose you could say a ‘Fat Face’ kind of vibe). It was the queue outside that first caught my attention, If lucky enough to get a table (there are not too many, but you can always take-away) then you order at the counter, the coffee is good and the food fridge is filled with wraps, salads and sandwiches. The counter holds a good selection of treats, all the food seems fresh and is perfect for a quick but delicious lunch. 

Mannion & Co

Location: Blake Street, York
Due to the cosy, country coffee shop atmosphere, I really enjoy sitting in at Mannion & Co. The coffee is of course good to have made my list. Table service, and a large shop with plenty of seating and tables of different sizes, means you are never waiting too long. Menu choices come in the form of sausage rolls, pies and salads, and a selection of tray bakes and homemade cakes make it very hard to leave without at least taking a cake home. 

With York being so busy its always lovely to have a few good options up your sleeve, and these shouldn’t leave you short of a decent coffee!

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