June Reads

Each month I get through a book or two, so thought I would share some thoughts on my reads. *Disclaimer* – when I say ‘reads’ I actually listen to the audio books on the ‘Audible’ app and go for a walk, I find this much for enjoyable! Since starting my maternity leave, walking has become a big part of my days, nowadays for enjoyment, but in the early days as a necessity to get baby to sleep! This is when I do most of my ‘reading’.

This month’s three books happen to all be written by comedians… my interest there began over lockdown when it was what we all needed on restricted daily walks, I would trial as many podcasts as I could, seeing which ones took my fancy, and go from there.

‘A Class Act’ – By Rob Beckett

Since lockdown began in 2020, comedians Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe began a podcast named ‘Parenting Hell’, based on parenting experiences, originally during lockdown but this progressed to general life. I started listening prior to having my daughter and found it very funny then, it only got more relatable after having my daughter and is a podcast I would really recommend (you really don’t need to be a parent) This is the path that led me to audio books and in particular comedians’ audio books. I really enjoyed Rob Becketts book and frequently found myself laughing out loud. The book includes funny antidotes from his working-class upbringing and comparisons to his now middle-class life and is based on the way that he feels torn between the two. There’s nothing fancy about it and that’s what makes it brilliant, if listening to the audio version as I did, the book is read by Rob Becket himself which is a nice touch when speaking about things so personal, it’s not too long either! highly recommend (as well as the podcast).

‘Watching Neighbours Twice a Day…’ – By Josh Widdicombe

Based on me listening to the ‘Parenting Hell’ podcast, I gave Josh Widdicombe’s book a listen, the book is about childhood in the 90’s, based on his own experience. What’s not to like? Everyone loves the nineties… However, two or three chapters in I found I could not relate at all. I was born in 1993 and think I am just a little too young to understand the references. I had a quick google and Josh Widdicome is 39 (at the time of writing this), nine years older than me.
The way Josh reads the audio book is very nostalgic, and if you’re of a similar age I think you would really enjoy the references, but for me it wasn’t to be! I can’t give this one a rating as that wouldn’t be fair.

‘A Funny Life – By Michael McIntyre’

I absolutely bloody loved this book, this one is a follow on from other books Michael McIntrye has written about his life at previous stages, however I hadn’t read any of the earlier books and got on with this one just fine, there were no cross references that I picked up on!

The audio version is read my Michael McIntyre himself, which I always think is a plus if you listen to the audio books like me. It told the story of recent-ish years of his life and was hilarious, laugh out loud whilst walking in the woods kind of funny. It does go back quite a way to when Michael made it as a comedian…. I can’t remember exactly how many years ago but around 2012. It also gives you a complete insight into the ups and downs of his life, the fancy showbiz side which holds a lot of love for his ‘quirky’ manager, to the quite normal life of being a husband and father to a baby and then toddler. I was really hooked on this book and kept listening despite having finished my walks, its normal, relatable, and then extravagant all at the same time. 

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