Last Months Watches, Listens and Reads: December

As ‘What have you been watching recently?’ must be one of my most frequently asked questions, alongside the fact that I love to know what friends and family have been watching and what they recommend, I decided to put together a monthly round up of series, films, podcasts, and books that I have consumed within the previous month. Starting with series…


The White Lotus
Everyone seemed to be going mad over the second series of The White Lotus, I watched the first series and found it disappointing, as though I was waiting until the last ten minutes for an interesting part where everything made sense. I thought maybe the second series would be an improvement, which it was slightly, but I still don’t understand the hype. The series starts with a dead body, and then goes back in time and the episodes show the lead up to how that dead body came about… I think it was a good guessing game but didn’t find the series to be anything special. Maybe it just wasn’t my thing!

Caught up from the beginning of five series in total and this is right up my street. A crime each series and the main character ‘Strike’ is very cool, and I love Holliday Grainger. The series get a little more intense each time but nothing too scary!

The Capture
Again with Holliday Grainger, this series is based on a crime covered up by doctoring CCTV. Scarily thought provoking and again a good crime drama, my fav!

Made in Chelsea
I have recently got back into Made in Chelsea after not watching since Millie was throwing drinks over Spencer (if you know you know). It is just exaggerated reality TV, but I love an easy watch to unwind and the Made in Chelsea: Bali episodes over Christmas let me do just that. If expectations are not too high, this is an easy watch! Note: Star rating given on a reality (easy watch) level.

Films…Skipping the Christmas films because who’s watching those in January!?

The Takeover
My favourite kind of film, an action thriller about a hacker who stepped on the wrong toes and was then framed for murder. Not the most amazing film I’ve seen but a good and easy watch! Probably quote good for the adrenaline junky as the main character is constantly on the run whilst also trying to prove her innocence, I find I have to look away a lot whilst things get too intense but that just me!



Parenting Hell
As a dedicated listener to the ‘Parenting Hell’ podcast, I had to listen to the audio book featuring the hosts Josh and Robs family and wives (in a non-creepy way). The book is basically a hilarious 8 hour podcast, I really enjoyed it and laughed a lot. Not sure if you need to be a podcast listener to enjoy this or not, but if you love the comedians Rob Beckett or Josh Widdicombe, you don’t need to be a parent to relate to the everyday humour.

Nick Grimshaws ‘Soft Lad’
I really love Nick Grimshaw, and I really loved this book. Its full of funny anecdotes but balanced with sadness and grief. It’s full of a relatable upbringing to me, or maybe for all from the North, and again balanced by unrelatable drinks with Adele and Amy Winehouse. I found his life interesting and outlook admirable! Highly recommend! 

Podcasts – Only My Usual Podcasts over December, all of them I love!

  • Parenting Hell
  • Wednesdays We Drink Wine
  • Newly Weds
  • Diary of a CEO – Whichever guest takes my fancy

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