January 2024 Consumption

What I have watched, read, and listened too in the first month of 2024…

I’m the first to ask ‘what are you watching at the moment’, and love hearing about what friends and family are reading and listening too. So here are a few recommendations that saw me through the night feeds this month! 


The Year of Living Danishly – I started this book towards the end of 2023 so it’s taken me a little while to get through it but I have found it very interesting and adopted a lot of the ways of living in my own life. Whether the Danish way of living is positive, or negative is to be interpreted by the reader, I found the majority of the aspects positive ones as the main focus is to achieve a healthy work life balance which is something I’ve really found over the past year (before going on maternity leave last month that is!).

Becoming Molly-Mae – 
I haven’t followed Molly-Mae’s journey, I didn’t watch love island and this book isn’t something I would usually read, but I needed an easy read whilst up for the night feeds this month so gave it a go. I think if you are interested in Molly-Mae and her journey, then great, if not then it probably isn’t for you. I tend to find peoples journey to success interesting whatever the path so found this an easy read and some nights it even sent me to sleep.


My Regular Podcasts
Parenting Hell
– With Rob Becket and Josh Widdicombe – this podcast is 2 episodes a week, and always hilarious, one episode with a guest and the other just the two hosts. It’s my favourite podcast and one I haven’t got bored of over the few years that I’ve listened.

Wednesdays– Sophie Habbou and Melissa Tattum – this one is just light-hearted girl talk and dilemmas.

The Sam and Billie Show – I like this one for the ‘kids chat’ and recommendations, very focused towards mums I would say!

New Podcasts
Side-tracked – Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac – I love both Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac from when they were on radio1, so listening to my first episode of their podcast brought me real joy. Funny and light hearted chat. 

Telling Everybody Everything – Katherine Ryan – This one is a little different as its just Katherine Ryan speaking to the listener, but I found it a really easy, gossipy, opinionated listen and enjoyed!

Happy Place – Ferne Cotton  – This podcast has been going for a while but I’ve never really listened to any episodes, however I noticed that Nick Grimshaw and then Michelle Keegan had been guests so gave these two episodes a listen and I really enjoyed. I will probably dip in and out of any episodes I fancy, dependant on the guest.

Big Fish –Spencer Matthews – Again this is one where I pick and choose when I listen depending on the guest, I listened to the episode with Scott Walker – a kidnap and hostage negotiator and found it very interesting!


Fool Me Once The best series I’ve seen in ages, featuring Michelle Keegan, it keeps you guessing the whole way through, I love a twist so highly recommend, a bit of a crime drama and one where you want to watch the next episode straight after the last.

Reacher – I really enjoyed this series, some parts are a bit ‘funny’ but think of a comedy, light hearted, team version of James Bond. 

Dragons Den – I love an invention, so the newest series of Dragons Den was an easy watch for me during the night feeds, there was even a business from York this series! I also enjoy it a little more now that Steven Bartlett is a Dragon, as he brings a younger perspective that incorporates social media/marketing.

Made in Chelsea – Embarrassingly I have watched Made in Chelsea since the beginning, and now we are on series 25! I think it is now all very staged but it’s an easy watch and my favourite kind of guilty pleasure/trash telly to relax too. 

Amanda and Alans Italian Job – I watched the 1st series of this last year, and finished the second series this month. After getting married in Italy, I love seeing the different locations and scenery, I also love interiors so this show, paired with Alan Carrs humour is right up my street!

Brassic – Very Funny! A light hearted comedy, an easy watch and sometimes the shorter episodes are just what you need on an evening when tired! This isn’t usually my type of thing but after watching Michelle Keegan in Fool Me Once we were recommended this series with her in it and I’ve enjoyed so far!

Top Boy – After watching the first 4 series, I thought I’d enjoy series 5, but with the first couple of episodes involving a mother of a baby overdosing, it left me too emotional (must be the hormones after just having a baby) so I stopped watching this series. Probably a timing issue with me rather than the series but hey ho!

Obliterated –Quite a cheesy action one but a nice easy watch, again for the night feeds!

Bank of Dave – I know this is an old one from last year but I hadn’t watched it when it first came out and I really enjoyed it, it’s a really nice feel good film about a local man bringing his community together, and is interestingly based on a true story.

Any good recommendations, send them my way!

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